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come okay! its next friday [19 Jan 2007|05:57pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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stfu. [07 Jan 2007|09:28pm]
well one more day until i have to get back to school. i dred it..i do not want to go back
i drew my sister today and it looks super. im actually proud of it
speaking of drawing i still have no clue what my concentration will be. 
-i can either do what i did last year which was freak show. i
-12 zodiac signs
- different look of boredom..lolz.
- different scenes....(indie, emo..w.e. which i think is cheesy..but basically i want to show case the different youth cultures or w.e...and plus i get to draw chongas!)
i have to figure it out by the end of this week. 


oh btw..this is my last entry in here..
i made a new account..
add me if you like.

the new sn is  : ridiculoushate
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hoorah! [21 Dec 2006|05:35pm]
yehey! for winter break..im excited for x-mas. 
sadly it means when i get back ...i will only have 5 more months left until i graduate...
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*yawn* [17 Dec 2006|12:32am]
hmp..im exremely tired..
today was good i suppose..
well i did my laundry..including my bed sheets..im suppose to wash it every week or 2 weeks..
anyways.. um..so while waiting for my laundry to dry i watch little miss sunshine..what a lovely movie..
fo'sho its included in my fav movies.
well friday i registered for the SATS ill be taking it jan 27. 
i have like 40 days or so to get ready for it..
i dont know how i suppose i should be doing practice test or w.e.
um..im bored of the computer no ones online..and nothing else to do..
so now im going to watch tv. 

ps: my room is supa clean and i feel good about it.

dec 19 is my older sister's birthday! yeh!
ill be a busy girl that day
well other than having to go to school 
i have to stay for the nahs.
and i have to remind myself to brng 5 bucks
um lets see..
oh yeh after that i go straight home and help cook and clean for my sister's party.
that day my aunt from new york arrives too..
oh dang!


then wednesday and thursday is testing day and early release and friday the beginning of winterbreak actually thursday noon..w.e.
anyway..i have nothing else to say 
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damn. [12 Dec 2006|10:43pm]
its been a while since i updated.
life is fine i suppose.
1st sem is coming to an end which means winter break is just right around the corner..and plus i only have half way to go until i hopefuly graduate from high school.
this weekend..friday to be exact i went to a gallery in miami and i got to see sas and colin cristian aswell as kris lewis and i think todd schorr <not sure...oh and the most exciting part was that i talk to yumiko..she's super awsome and super azn. i cant believe that i had the courage and was not shy at all when i was talking to her..i suppose its because i was more excited then anything. i finally met up with my guidance counselor and fixed some things up..like my name..my classes for second sem..and my online p.e. class. so all i have to do is keep up with my online course, sign up for bright future and register for the SATS. i also have to get damn community service. school is pretty sucky..w.e. akk..dont know what to say.. so end..
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yuh.. [02 Dec 2006|09:15am]
i dont really know what to update..
school is a drag. i hate it.
the good thing is that im passing my classes.
i love portfolio btw. im doing well compare w/ last year..im more motivated to work on my stuff.
french is fun because of the kids in it..and ms.sahora is pretty cool too..
english is somewhat lame...
philosophy is blah..w.e.

well my grandma is here..she got here yesterday noon from the philippines.
she's staying for a month or maybe less than that.
she's so funny...she's so happy that she's here and she cant believe it..i wish she could just stay here with us..it makes me sad that when she come back there she'll be alone once again..i wish my grandpa was still alive so he can come here aswell. im sure he'll love to see her daughters be all successful. i miss my grandpa... :(

anyways..tomorrow is my dad's birthday. oh yeh he was a job now..so all is good. i dont have a gift for him. lol..my painting?!?! but he've seen that a bagazillion time..so no..hmp.. i dont really know what to get him..and plus im super duper broke. aww..dangit.

my schedule.
-dec 3-dad's b-day
-dec 8-art basel?!
-dec 9-hawaiian party at the dizon family's casa
-dec 19- sister's birthday and party.
-dec 21-22-finals . end of 1st sem.
-dec 24- x-mas eve
-dec 25-x-mas day! woot!

*before the 26 i have to sign up for the SAT...shizzle!!*
then i have like 2 months of studying..or w.e.
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>; [26 Nov 2006|09:16pm]
i h

^?!?!? wtf?!?
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1 more month..until x-mas. [25 Nov 2006|09:16pm]
a quick low-down of my thanksgiving weekend.

thursday-thanksgiving day..i slept all day.we had an early dinner because people had to work..i ate turkey, ham, mashpotato, sweetpotato, gravy, stuffing, bread and drank syder and soda. then i slept at 3 in the morning

friday-black friday..went to target, ross and marshalls with my mother and little sister..i got clothes. then later that day we went to bestbuy..i got myself a cd. watched television until 1:00 am.

saturday aka today-i went to sawgrass..got me SAT books, more clothes and a pair of shoes. as soon as i got home i cleaned my shoes.. 4 pairs of them. then i also clean my side of the bathroom and i tidy up my room. later i shall be doing laundry.

sunday- homework. finish laundry, go to church then to walmart for grocery shopping.

next friday my grandmother will be coming!! im excited!
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*shock* [21 Nov 2006|12:23am]
       i have a love and hate realtionship with the cold weather..i love the fact that im cold and that im not sweating and there's no humidity..but i hate the fact that this damn coldness has to be followed by the god damn wind..and so my face gets all ashy and white and my nose is like freaking red and alls tuff and this little asian chicka cant handle it.

     well thanksgiving is this thursday and i have no clue what we're doing..we're eating staying here in miramar and going to have our own thanksgiving dinner or we're going to drive to winter haven where our family friend will have their housewarming..hmp..well w.e i cant wait until this weekend. 

    school has been a drag..i always say that..but honestly it  is. my classes are lame..i dislike my first hour..because the class itself is pretty pointless and boring..plus the kids in that class are absolute retarded..i cant help but get annoyed because they're all hypocrites and fucking ass liars..oh god im all angry..calm down..anyways..french is pretty cool...but it gets annoying at times. i absolutely love portfolio sadly one of my best friend no longer goes to school and im sad about that and i miss that chicka..and portfolio was the only class where i get to see her...ah poo..ill visit her asap..english is pretty entertaining but then again its such a bs class..but tomy surprise i have an "a" in the class..strange..because i fail her test..well i get d's and c's..and i hardly do any of her work. hmp..

-nov 24- thanskgiving<winter haven?!?!
-nov 25-see jessica?!?!
-dec 3- dad's b-day
-first week of december- grandma's arrival
-dec 9- hawaiian party aka tita ningning's 50th birthday
-dec 19- ate cathy's birthday-party
-same week before school is over until second sem..i must change my schedule and talk about how i will sign up for the SATS..
-december 20-sign up for SATS.
-december 24- x-mas eve
-decmber 25- x-mas! uncle's birthday and party @ my aunts house
-december 31- new years eve
-jan 1- new years. (diet and deal w/ college stuff,)

 im not going to get a job until the summer..because i have an ap class next sem..and hells no im not going to have a job and an ap class at the same time..and plus i have to deal with my portfolio..no good! ..so no job until i finish highschool and plus i need to do the whole license thing...even if i dont want to i have to no one will bring me to school.. so yup..i have to drive myself to school..i already have a car promised to be mine..since my aunt will be moving to hawaii..(dang!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!..she cant have her car i dont want her to move)...she cant really bring her car to hawaii with her she has 3 here..and ill be to expensive to ship her cars in hawaii.. so she's leaving the car to me. its a lexus w.e. its a nice car..i dont need a new one or w.e. new car is higher insurance and i have to pay alot of money hells! no!!. anyways...i gotta sleep its late..
my dad will scream at me!! lol!..kay bye!
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slash [13 Nov 2006|06:47pm]

i seriously hate mondays. 
im so tired..

well school was such a drag today...
philosophy-we had a sub..i had to work..which was fucking nuts because when our teacher is there we hardly walk..we mostly have discussions. plus the sub was a dick. 

french- it was cool i suppose..its such an easy class..i have homework i just remembered. 

lunch- me and larson made a salad in a bottle. we were bored.

portoflio- ruby-cakes was still a no show... i had to leave at 12:00 to go to the guidance to change schedule for next sem..i waited for 20 minutes ..it end up that my counselor was not there..wtf. ..i went back and i painted a little and i ate m&m's and animal crackers...

english- took a vocab test...lame..and watch a movie...i almost died..i was soooo bored and i got sooo sleepy. 

i wish my mother would be so kind enough to approve of me going to an art achool..especially ringling(other options:new age, fiu, ucf or the school that my brother went to..i believe its called aiu..or something like that.. ). omg it would be such a dream..but if not i have it all planned out..ill go do nursing..and when im about 22 or 23..ill be graduated...ill get a job..and then when im about 25..that's when im going to an art school..with my own money and such... i hope it turned out that way. alot of people are telling me to do what i want and such...but you've gotta understand i dont have the money to go to a college of my choice..yes i can get a job..but the amount of money that i will earn wont be enough..plus doing that whole school and job thing is not a good idea. im sorry if im not one of you kids who's parent will be willing to give you the money to go to the school you feel like..i can try to get scholarships..we'll see..im a bit late. but w.e. ill eventually go to art school....i just have to strategically find a way to do so..and what i had plan was the best for now... 

i need a job..i need one that's close to my house though. 
hmp..im sooo behind on things. 
...we'll see what will happen. 

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argh.. [11 Nov 2006|12:57am]
who knew there were registration deadlines for SATS..jesus.
so late registrations for the the december testing is on tuesday..

i have an issue..cause you see..the school messed up my name..its not laurenCE..argh..
so yeh..if my registered name in high school does not compatibly match up with my school name then that might be an issue..so i have to go ask the brace guy. or maybe my guidance counselor. thank god my appointment with her is on monday..before the sat registeration deadline.
motha'fucking A!!!..

aarghh..this transition from highschool to college sucks ass.
i dont care if i get 1200 or w.e. as long as im able to get into a college im fine.
fiu..or nova..or bcc..or w.e. i dont care.. it doesnt matter to me..as long as finish and get a pretty decent job ill be fine.
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a huh. [06 Nov 2006|06:10pm]

election day = no school. 

im planning to draw tilly and the wall. 
lets see how that'll go..im thinking of starting on it tomorrow. 

i got my report card. 
2 A's and 2 B's. 
a's in french and philosohy.
b's in art and english. 

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:( [05 Nov 2006|12:22am]
-missing TILLY AND THE WALL..for the 2nd time. 
-crappy day
+new stickers

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that's jacked up. [01 Nov 2006|05:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]

it was halloween yesterday..i went trick or treating i got me some candies up i here. 
we had a mini party of whateva..
but man im all sick and shit.

well i have nothing to say really..
ill post pictures later or something..

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yup. [29 Oct 2006|09:37pm]
i seriously prefer desktop than laptops..erica's on the computer again...-_- so im force to use this laptop.
well im waiting for my laundry to finish so that i can go put them on the dryer.
im slowly cleaning my room. since i have nothing else better to do..
once again my weekend was a drag..i need to get a job so i have productive weekends.
instead of staying in this house with buncha cranky and hotheaded azns.
i swear!!
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news [23 Oct 2006|08:22pm]

i just got back from walking dear mcgeester. 
its pretty windy and a bit cool outside..its still humid..but its better compare to usual. 
anyways..yesterday i went to the flea market with my sisters and edwin.
we checked out the place and such..
and we ended up buying two little turtles.
a boy and a girl.
no name yet..

well i kinda have a headache..
im suppose to be doing my homework you see.
but im extremely lazy and dont feel like doing any work at all. 

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saturday?!? suday?!?!? [21 Oct 2006|02:07pm]

yesterday i could have sworn it was saturday..i guess not..i totaly forgot. 
i saw nightmare b4 x-mas last night at 12:30 it was the last show for yesterday.
over all it was good..i got to see details that i never notice..it was pretty.
but the disappointing part was it really didnt pop out..but it was god..
i got home at 2:30..i was so tired...
today im suppose to clean my room..but ill do that later this afternoon..around 4ish.
well nothing much else to say.

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congrats! [18 Oct 2006|11:12pm]



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yup. [18 Oct 2006|09:52pm]

8 minutes until my favorite show, project runway's finale..
well i hope either jeffrey, uli or micheal wins..i dont mind really.

today was pretty aight

philosophy-watch click and played melee
lunch-walk around w/ larson, sara, taja, and rebecca..just cause
le art- i was starting on the performance part of the midterms.
english-it was pretty funny cause my teacher was f'ing crazy.
french-we watch little prince..about some alien boy..based on a book.
afterschool i walked home w/ george..and joey and mel.
my feet damn hurts like fo'realz.
well the show is about to start in 4 minutes..i think ill be going now kay bye!!!

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monday always sucks. [16 Oct 2006|02:36am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

school tomorrow..but this week will go by pretty fast..at least i hope it does.
currently watching the finale for flavor of love..
im convince new york is insane..
well nothing much to say.

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